Angry Robot

This is great: 70 new stations to Bike Share TO in August.

Pizza Pizza fight began with complaint that order took too long, witness says

Canadians being polite as usual

King Street pilot project wins city council approval

Good… I think? The plan is a little confusing. Simpler to just make it transit / bike / pedestrian only.

Interesting half-hour doc featuring Christopher Hume talking about streets, cars, bikes, downtown and suburbs. Article here.

Toronto’s ambitious bike plan, one year later

As you might expect, a little disappointing

We Bought a Crack House

Everyone’s favourite hate read this week, in which a yuppie couple evict a bunch of poor people so they can renovate their third property and blow $1-million through a series of poor decisions

My daily commute by bike turned me into a witness of a truly tragic event

We will look back on how our roads are structured in decades to come and consider it barbaric.

Axing OMB boosts cities’ planning power – for better or for worse

On the proposed replacement for the not well-loved Ontario Municipal Board

My favourite park is coming along nicely

The dirty secret of Toronto’s bacteria-laced harbour

While the city tests for E. coli at Toronto’s beaches, a few kilometres away, in the city’s inner harbour — home to boating clubs, windsurfers and paddleboarders — elevated E. coli levels are considered so common, no government agency is even routinely testing.

A community divided: The fight over Canadian values threatens to boil over in Peel

Warning: you cannot unsee this. (It’s something about the audio/video mismatch perhaps that makes this extra creepy? Like we’ve been let into the psyche of a deranged car-man.)

Dazzling colour photographs of 1950s and 60s Toronto at night – love these. Didn’t know The Bloor used to be called the Midtown. I grew up right near here.

Signal Problems

A comic that combines the TTC with magical monsters. I’m in!

The artist Matthew Borrett has a series called Hypnagogic City currently at Red Head Gallery in Toronto.

Downtown Toronto went all in with a pair of Kings

Re: rezoning of King St in the 90s

Desperation Sets in for House Hunters in Toronto’s Red-Hot Market – Bloomberg

Good look at the real estate situation in Toronto within a broader North American context.

Streetcars are Toronto’s civic treasure and the King St. plan gives them their due

Besides, if you want to drive without streetcars in the way, you have your pick of all kinds of other cities. You can go to Hamilton, or Mississauga, or Pickering. You can go most places, and they won’t have streetcars. We do have them, and they’re a civic treasure. It’s about time we treat them like it.

OMB Reform: Contested development

Star feature on the shady Ontario Municipal Board, the unaccountable provincial body that has the final say in development approvals in Toronto

Transit First For King Street?

Steve Munro analyzes the options proposed for King Street

Kathleen Wynne stopping John Tory’s plan for tolls on DVP, Gardiner

The Ontario Liberals don’t believe in anything, do they?

Downtown Toronto home appreciates 62% in two years

Bathurst Station Bids Goodbye to Honest Ed’s

They hired Honest Ed’s sign painters to do the station signage. Wish I had seen this in person – I grew up just down the street and both of these places were landmarks of my youth.