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The Xbox One is struggling because video game exclusives still matter

The Dazzling Reinvention of Zelda

“They said, ‘Change anything you want,’ ” Fujibayashi recalled. “So we wrote down all of the stress points, the things that make Zelda games less enjoyable, and we replaced them with new ideas.”

Path Finder Update : No Man’s Sky

Huge expansion of a game that was a little thin at launch.

Humble Freedom Bundle

$30 for waaaay too many good games, proceeds to the ACLU among others. Wish PC gaming didn’t wreck my body now.

Sony sold more consoles last fall than in any quarter in PlayStation history

Poised to become the best-selling console ever.

Nintendo Switch!

This Switch thing coming from Nintendo is interesting. Here’s the full announcement video for reference:

Some random thoughts now that we have some more details on the thing:

Nintendo Switch launches worldwide March 3, $299 in US

with the new Zelda alongside it.

Final Fantasy 7: An oral history