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The Best Kitchen Gadget of the 1600s Was a Small, Short-Legged Dog

Turnspit dog!

Desperation Sets in for House Hunters in Toronto’s Red-Hot Market – Bloomberg

Good look at the real estate situation in Toronto within a broader North American context.

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Could Probiotics Replace Prozac?

Study shows mouse depression can be eased with yogurt

Game of Thrones season 7 premiere date, teaser revealed

July 16. No new footage in the teaser

Living and dying on his own terms

The Dazzling Reinvention of Zelda

“They said, ‘Change anything you want,’ ” Fujibayashi recalled. “So we wrote down all of the stress points, the things that make Zelda games less enjoyable, and we replaced them with new ideas.”

Ridley Scott Is Planning 6 More Alien Movies

An Alien in New York, Chestburster: The Musical, Alien vs. My Little Pony, Gladialien… go ahead, run with those, Ridley

Strange and probably polarizing short film.

The Timing, Source, and What’s Missing: WikiLeaks’ CIA Cyber Arsenal Dump Explained


There are no names of either individuals or organizations mentioned in the documents. WikiLeaks claims to have made 70,875 redactions in the “Vault 7” files. This is an amazing number, which raises two related questions. First, Assange has always been against redactions, often quarrelling with news organizations that have partnered with WikiLeaks in the past over their insistence on protecting the identities of individuals. What made him change his policy? Also, by all accounts, including Assange’s, WikiLeaks has limited resources and very few employees, certainly nowhere near enough to carry out 70,875 redactions – if that figure is even accurate. All this indicates that either the source (and in this case it wouldn’t have been one former disgruntled government employee) or some other well-funded organization, probably an intelligence agency, have been working on these documents for quite some time.

Path Finder Update : No Man’s Sky

Huge expansion of a game that was a little thin at launch.

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page of war scrapbook

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Analysis: GOP plan to cost Obamacare enrollees $1,542 more a year

We reported above the results for individuals. For families, the Republican bill would increase costs by $2,243 if the bill were in effect today. For families with a head of household age 55 to 64, the bill would increase costs by $7,604. For families with income below 250 percent of poverty, the bill would increase costs by $6,228.

David Letterman on Donald Trump and Late-Night TV Today

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George Saunders: what writers really do when they write

US Senate calls on British spy Christopher Steele to give evidence on explosive Trump-Russia dossier

Radiohead and sadness: a data analysis

So lower scores on the “gloom index” are more gloomy? I guess that makes sense. Anyway, saddest albums appear to be Amnesiac and A Moon Shaped Pool.

We can’t see yet what’s at the center of the Trump/Russia black hole. But we can tell a lot about its magnitude by the scope of the event horizon and the degree of its gravitational pull, which is immense.

Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose

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Photo of scrapbook page

My grandpa seems to have a thing for Teddy Roosevelt.

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Porsche Design’s Book One is a beautiful alternative to the Surface Book

Hey, a Porsche convertible! Seems pretty cool, but these things are much better laptops than tablets. As a tablet it’s either super heavy, if you keep the keyboard attached, or it only gets 3 hrs battery, and either way it’s way bulkier than an iPad.

YouTube, the world’s biggest video site, wants to sell you TV for $35 a month

Includes main US broadcast networks plus the cable channels they own, so Fox News, ESPN and Bravo, but no CNN, AMC, HBO. Also includes “A cloud DVR with unlimited storage space”.

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War

Pretty good overview, but doesn’t get into the full extent of his Russian ties

Joseph Boyden defends his story against allegations